Spiritual Reliability

Learning to Become God’s Employee

by Richard Seaman

Excerpts from the book; notes by JFR



[In order to be Spiritually Reliable, you need to be…]

Clear - Available - Ready


… Your job is to invite this unconditional loving presence into your life; it’s that simple. …

Two prayer excerpts (abridged) from p161:


I invite the angels of clarity into my experience now so I may see the truth (of/about) [blank], I know that what I bring to the [altar] will be altered; therefore, I release this inner struggle to you now. I surrender into the arms of divine knowledge. I allow it to reveal its truth to me in divine order and divine timing.


I am now willing to see the spiritual lesson clearly and I release any confusion to you[, God]. I accept my human limitations to not always know the answers and I believe in divine order in all experiences. I release my attachment to labeling any experience as bad or good. I know that even in this, the light of God is present. I may not fully see the light as clearly as you do, but I am willing to accept my humanness and to release the need to know everything to the Divine.


[Embracing all parts of ourselves:]

Duality (Name it) I am not sure why you are here, presenting yourself as (name it) but I am now ready to explore your life force, which lives within me. i am willing now to sit down, internally, outwardly or through written word and interview you as my greatest and wisest teacher. I am willing to let myself be vulnerable, to get honest and make friends with you.

What are you here to teach me?

What gifts do you bring me?