Minimalism for Families

Practical Minimalist Living Strategies to Simplify Your Home and Life

by Zoë Kim

Excerpts from the book; notes by JFR


What is minimalism?

Fundamentals: Know your Why, Questions to ask, Before you start, Methods for de-cluttering, Getting your family on board, Guidelines/habits, Resistance, Special spaces for kids

Strategies for specific rooms: Living Areas, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Clothing, Linens, Home Office, Bathroom, Holiday Decorations, Sports equipment, Craft supplies, Tools, Garden/Yard equipment; Children’s rooms: Baby bedrooms, Young child bedrooms, Toys, Children’s Clothes, Artwork, Books, School-age bedrooms, School papers, Collections, Teenager’s bedroom

Maintenance/continuation: Suggested routines/habits, Additional Next-step considerations


“There is one guiding principle for deciding what stays and what goes: figure out what brings value and purpose.”(p3)

Minimalism = trading clutter for connection; intentionality(p4)

Thoreau: “The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.”

“Minimalism has helped [our family] identify the activities, even the perfectly good activities, that take us away from better things.”(p10)

“Clutter thrives in an environment of indecision.”(p18)

“…fantasy-self stuff can keep you from achieving your goals.” “…the truth is, the day will most likely never come [when we need our someday-stuff] and we can get by without it.”(p21)

The Fundamentals

“Know your why”:

Questions to ask:

Before you start:

Methods for de-cluttering:

Getting your family on board:

Setting House Guidelines / Developing Habits:

If you meet resistance:

Additional considerations for special spaces for your kids:

Strategies for specific rooms:

Living areas:





Home Office:


Holiday Decorations:

Sports equipment:

Craft Supplies:


Garden/Yard Equipment:

Baby Bedrooms:

Young Child Bedrooms:


Children’s Clothes:

Children’s Artwork:

Children’s books:

School-Age Child’s Bedroom:

School papers:


Teenager’s Bedroom:

Maintenance and Continuation:

Suggested routines & habits:

Additional Next-Step Considerations: